Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Chaotes finally stop wearing black in mourning of death of chaos magic!

I didn’t believe it either, but thank Baphomet those crazy chaotes are putting on a great feast of ranting in the day and decanting at night, all for only 30 quid! If you haven't booked yerself in for the Colours of Chaos event yet point your mouse (equally in eight directions) to Colours of Chaos.

This coming Satyrday, 6th September, 2008. Tickets are still available on the door. The day event starts at 11am til 6pm, with evening shamanigans running form 7pm til 10pm. Speakers include chaotes Julian Vayne, Dave Lee, Duncan Barford, Alan Chapman and a host of other curiosities, with talks the likes of “White hair and brown pants: When magic turns paranormal”. Luckily I’m not talking. See you there. Conway Hall, London, WC1.

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Anonymous said...

Chaotes stop wearing black? It cannot be so.

How was the event?