Thursday, 11 September 2008

Goodbye Mum!

I hope the show is just as good on the other side...

Is it goodbye or is it welcome back?
Eternity makes love to hapless time
We just stand still while racing down the track
At once something here, at once just sublime
At once a mother, a daughter, a wife
All sunrise, all moonlight, all day, all night
All of everything that becomes a life
Breathing out pure love, breathing in delight
Assembled from the dust of infinite stars
Merely composed of everything that shines
Everything of our gods is also ours
We’re the grapes when we drink the finest wines
Death is the life that living cannot lack
Is it goodbye or is it welcome back?


Anonymous said...

A perfect elegy about that most mysterious yet profoundly pervasive transition.

psychicdeli said...

Thanks. We'll all find out one day.