Friday, 21 November 2008

Walking between the worlds: Anthropology and parapsychology

Beautifully weaving together all the various tales of parapsychology, anthropology, archaeology, altered states, belief, magic and culture that thread this blog together like the tails of the snakes in the mudusa's hair, the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness is next year bringing together all my favourite stories for its annual conference.

Set in the idyllic setting of the entrance to Columbia Gorge in Portland, Oregon, the theme for April's conference of 'Bridging Nature and Human Nature' mingles ecopsychology with parapsychology, anthropology with folklore, mythology with dreaming, psychedelics with species-connectedness, and a wealth of other healthy confluences all into one happy pot. Still accepting submitted papers until January 9th, the meeting runs from April 1-5th and looks set to be unique. I certainly hope to go, so I hope to see you there.

Topics include (
See flyer):

1. The History and Future of Ecopsychology
2. Bateson, Postmodernism and Shamanism
3. Entheogens and the Legacy of Albert Hofmann
4. Cross-Cultural Inquiries of Eco-Dreaming and Eco-Anthropology
5. Mind/body Approaches to Biomedicine and Medical Anthropology
6. Psi and Species-Connectedness
7. Mythology, Folklore
8. Poetry and Ecocriticism
9. Landscapes of Consciousness and Paleolithic Cave Art
10. Ethnomethodology.

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